Healthnotes is a Portland based company in the dietary supplement industry. 

I worked at Healthnotes (Aisle7) full-time for four years. My role was to provide UX and UI  for their in-store kiosks as well as for mobile.

In addition to UX/UI, I authored CSS style sheets for API integrations. 


UX for API integrations

The Healthnotes API integration was a good challenge; I needed to design within a fixed XHTML code base. Each new design required careful consideration of the code base and how not to disrupt service for existing customers. Knowledge of HTML and CSS were critical in this role. In addition to UX and UI Design, I was in charge of authoring stylesheets for new integrations.

UX DESIGN for GNC and healthnotes API integrations on Native Devices


lead generation

As part of lead generation, we developed Vitamin Advisors.